The Golden Ratio of Health & Ultimate Beauty

Beauty and Health

Looks are important, but it is important to understand beyond just concept, what makes someone beautiful (man or women) – often we are socially conditioned to believe that beauty is a certain thing, a certain skin colour and certain hair colour – some expand on that, and think its a certain confidence.

Whilst those things can be true to a very limited extent – ultimate beauty is only reached when you are constantly working on your health, not looks.

When you work on eating the right foods and not eating the wrong ones – for example, sugar is the one thing that accelerates the aging process, not only that, but for those who suffer thinning hair, it can cause worsening problems for them too.

Spending time exercising and mixing in various forms of exercise is also a great way to expand your nervous systems capacity – which directly influences the way you look – because¬†believe it or not – beauty is present in nature at all times, because it flows with a certain mathematical rhythm – but humans don’t always do this.

What does it mean to flow in a mathematical rhythm?  

golden ratio 2

There is a thing called the Golden Ratio (or Phi Ratio) in maths – this ratio is present in nature all over – one simply has to carry out a search on the internet to find out what it could mean – this ratio is present in bee hives, the way animals make their nests, the way their eggs are shaped to everything you could think of – I personally call this the flow of nature – at least the first steps to understand it anyway.

This ratio can be and is, present in humans – but the problem is – humans have the ability to go against nature (to some extent) – and this is when they create more health problems for themselves, making their bodies shape different – be it the way your skin looks, the way your hair is, to your very complexion and the way you behave, all are related.

Understand this – anything that has any sort of pleasant looking to it, has the golden ratio in it – its a strange phenomenon which is not talked about enough – but it is beautiful how maths can also fit into beauty, not only that, but also ultimate health.

But remember, ultimate health is not a destination – its a constant practice, to changes in you, your environment and everything else going on.


So how does one connect or become in line with something like this, to keep their health and beauty?

The simple answer is to stay connected to your nature  Рthis means, eat what your body needs not wants, exercise (as we are not designed to just sit in one place and do nothing), be who you are rather than pretend to be someone you are not for the sake of others yet also be considerate of others РYES, behaviour and mental activity has a direct relation to your DNA expression and how it will unfold in your life.

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