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Not getting results after using the Taoist soap for 3-4 weeks? Here’s a checklist you should know about.

Like any natural product that works on tonifying the skin and scalp, there are counter-balances that affect the end result of what you are looking to achieve. So, for example, if you are looking to stop hair falling, then you should use the soap in a certain way (2-3 seconds application with fingertips, applying very small amounts to most affected areas only and wash off) once a week.

If you still don’t see results, it does not mean that the soap is not working for you – it will be stopping the inflammation, but it means that there are other factors affecting it too strongly – such as diet, current plaque ratio in the vessels of the scalp, and so on.

What do you do when you aren’t sure and have no way to find out how to resolve this? You do it all.

So this is why we tell all our clients buying the Taoist soap for hair growth or stopping hair falling, is to start a regime of scalp massage for 30 minutes a day, every single day without fail. What this does is help break down the hardened tissue in the scalp, and also breaks down plaque that is building up there (called calcification).

This buildup of toxins in the scalp takes a huge role in stopping hair growth in men and women – it also contributes to giving a dull complexion to men and women. And you will see cultures that eat a lot of fried and oxidized foods, often have dull complexions.

Below is a checklist we have built that will help you build a powerful regime – whether you are using the Taoist soap or not, they will help you with hair growth in either case:

– Scalp massage 20 to 30 minutes a day without fail (most important)

– Applying Organic Fruit based Vinegar in the scalp for 10-20 minutes before a shower

– Using Magnesium Oil once a week on the Scalp (for only 10-20 minutes maximum); do not overuse to avoid metal toxicity. So it is better to cycle this, use for a few months and stop for a few months.

– Diet control: Avoid sugars and fats for 1 month to allow vessels to unclog. Eat plenty of red meat (beef lean cuts) to help rebuilding of the hormone system. Hormones get damaged from sugar/fats/carbs abuse in younger years, and the only way to repair them is with a diet like this.

– Visit the Taoist Soap Forum and ask for support if you have still done the above and need more help for your situation. We help all, customers or not, so don’t be shy.

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