Allergies from Cosmetics: The Ultimate Solution

Allergies to Cosmetics


We have heard about the stories about people getting an allergic reaction from a certain cosmetic product – and then research what ingredients cause it, and what help it.

This is often true with make up, but also with various kinds of creams in the market – which the Taoist soap can help with – however this allergic reaction thing has been on the rise since the year 2000 – why do you think that is?

First, let’s cover the topic that allergies occur from toxicity of the ingredient to our body – which our body aggressively attacks, causing inflammation. The body is not capable of dealing with such a strong chemical, so it does what it knows to handle it and remove it.

Over the years, more and more allergens are being detected, not because our cosmetic industry have bad practices – but because more and more people are developing weaker immune systems, thus being allergic to more products in the environment.

This may sound a little strange to someone who has never looked into something like this before – but allergies only occur if your immune system is weak, and it is possible to strengthen the immune system in such a way, where you become immune to your allergies.

How do you boost your immune system for preventing and stopping allergies?

There are many ways, but one of the most powerful and steady ways is exercise and correct nutrition – problem is, most people think they know what exercise means, and what correct nutrition means, so please read on to understand what we mean by this.

Exercise: This means an exercise that is increased in difficulty every single week, where you become very breathless – and this is done at least 4 times a week, each time with increasing. If you carry out only maintenance exercise to keep your current body weight or whatever, over a period of time, you will only be exerting your heart and body out, and it will not be helping your body in any way at all – have you seen those long distance runners that are always running in one pace, at all times?

Their bodies are that way because they are exerting their hearts, and this is not the healthiest way of exercise – as this does not give the body anything new, instead it taxes the heart and weakens the immune system instead.

Nutrition: Most people think having a salad with some chicken is the healthiest they can get. But these days nutritional density is lower and lower especially in the western world where we have practices of mass production and pesticides.

This means you need to eat a large variety of greens and red meat to get half the nutritional density you used to get 20 years ago. Even if you buy 100% organic – this does not mean it will contain enough nutritional density than the non-organic one – the trick is to buy from various sources, and cycle them – one week from this seller, one week from this seller etc.

This is exactly what animals do to get their nutrition – goats have been observed to walk miles into the desert, take a few bites from one plant, and then walk another few miles for another few bites – they don’t do this because of lack of intelligence – they do this to get all the nutrition they need – and getting it all from one plant (even if the same species) in one area, does not cover it – as soil mineral density is different every few miles producing a plant with different nutrition present in it.


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