How to Improve Skin Complexion, with Brighter Eyes to match it

If you don’t already know this, the most important thing to improve your skin is to stop using the typical commercial products you find in-stores! and RELAX!


Because none of them are designed to make you look younger, or brighter, not only that, but regular use of them, will accelerate the aging process of your skin and only damage the skin further.

So, how do I get beautiful skin complexions if I can’t use these products? 

The secret to great skin starts from the inside. Products come secondary, if at all. You must have the following things in line and perfect:

Mind: Your thoughts affect the way your skin and face look. I’m not going to bother to present scientific research to back this up. Anyone who is observant enough can notice these things. e.g have you ever noticed when you feel great, and look in the mirror, you actually look much more radiant and brighter?

Body: Eating the average western diet which everyone around you eats is the best way to keep your skin looking exactly as it is, or worse, making it worse. You have to be conscious of your eating. Some people eat for nutrition, and some people eat only for comfort. It is a good idea to combine the both, in a sensible way, because both, comfort and nutrition is important (being happy and getting the right nutrients).

Note on Nutrients: Today, almost all food is hundreds of times reduced in nutrients due to not only pollution, but bad farming practices among other things – for this reason, its good to increase the quantity of amount eaten when eating just for nutrients, as well as quality of the food – for example, meat can be sourced from grass fed and organic farms (both, organic, and grass fed) – and vegetables from only organic and Non-GMO farms – it may not look like it helps especially if you think of saving money, but it does help in the long run.

After you have been doing (or not doing) all the above for at least 10 days, and made a routine out of it, then you are ready for the Taoist Handmade Soap, if you feel that you could do with skin detox and accelerated rejuvenation.


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