7 Ways to Stop Hair Falling Out

Stopping Hair Falling Out

When looking to stop hair falling out; whether your a guy or a girl, it is essential to carry out basic things which will help right away – we compiled this list from research as well as from actual experience given from people suffering from hair falling out.

1. Stop Worrying or Over-Thinking 

Worrying releases a stress hormone which can cause hair to fall out more – so if you are stressed constantly, this could be a real reason that your hair is thinning.

2. Stop Eating High Sugar Diets

In research done by various scientists, hair hates high sugar diets; this causes big spikes in y our insulin levels and this is not good for hair, let alone your adrenal glands which keep you happy! Over used adrenal glands just don’t function as well.

3. Massage your Scalp Everyday for 10-15 minutes

This is the most overlooked method of scalp massage that is nobody wants to follow, but it is also the most powerful method to keeping a good head of thick healthy hair!

4. Don’t abuse your caffeine intake just because everyone does it

Too much caffeine can hair with your hair loss – so stop abusing it. You can still have it, but reduce it in your over all month – so instead of having 3 cups a day, have 1 cup on most days, and have an extra on weekends, just to help you balance it.

5. Stop eating foods fried in oil

Oil frying causes oxidization and this is not good for hair growth – any greasy or rich foods are not good when you are having hair problems. Usually most people that have hair loss issues are people who often have a weakness to greasy foods or fatty animal based proteins – you don’t need to stop 100% as your body has the ability to process this food, but don’t over-do it – and reduce the amount you are currently taking.

6. Wash your scalp with the Taoist Handmade Soap (designed for hair, scalp and skin!)

Yes, this is the only soap so pure, you can even eat it – but we rather you wash your hair with this, massage it into your hair and allow it to sit for 3 minutes at least. This will not only detoxify the scalp, but also allow inflammation to stop, and stop all itchy scalps too, including dandruff – it is used by many top beauty salons in London and New York.

7. Don’t use chemicals on your hair – or at least reduce the use of hair dyes and hair products that are not necessary to help your hair regenerate.

This should help you at least begin  to stopping your hair loss, and start your hair regrowth period.

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