Taoist Soap for Accelerating Hair Growth

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People often ask us the question if the Taoist soap can be used for accelerating hair growth speed as well? (Normally used for thickening hair, and stopping hair loss)

The short answer is yes – the soap simply empowers your scalp and skin to do what it does best. So it won’t grow hair on your face if you used it where there is no hair, but only accelerate skin cell renewal, and make the skin reproduce itself and detox the whole skin.

The soap helps by detox and stopping inflammation – the root cause of slow hair growth (as well as poor diet and no exercise regime).

Also – if your hair is thinning, or has thinned over the years, it can also help renew and re-grow hair – the body is constantly replicating itself, and if you give it the right nutrients, and allow circulation to happen, it is hard not to let the body do its job.

That said – any natural method of healing or improving skin or hair or anything with the body must be approached in a holistic way – so you must do everything you can, including improving your diet to more organic greens in your daily diet – avoiding processed foods and junk food – and especially avoiding sugar based foods.

The reason for this is that sugar is a the source of “food” for inflammation – for inflammation to exist, you must be eating sugar (natural sugar like fruits, or sugar artificially made causes the same effects in terms of feeding inflammation).

That said, green vegetables, especially that are sourced from organic farms (or grown by yourself in your backyard) because they have a higher nutritional density, help fight inflammation on top of that.

The scalp massage will help manually push out toxins, and make the job of the Taoist soap much easier – this all works together, like the working parts of an engine in a car.



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