Hair Thickening Methods – List of Natural Methods

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There are a lot of hair thickening methods out there that help both men and women for helping with hair issues – but which ones will work for you, only you can tell by testing them out – but here is a list of ones that should work for everyone t o various extents:

1. Scalp Massage. 

This is an often talked about method, but must be used in conjunction with other methods to help improve the hair growth rate, as well as renewal rate of the scalp skin (which includes hair follicles).

2. Nutrition

This is important and not many people understand to what extent this really means – they often think, I am eating pretty healthy, and they do not ever wonder if their body is even absorbing the nutrients properly, or if the food they are buying even has enough nutrients within them.

Due to combining carbohydrates and meat, the stomach gets less and less effective in digesting and sucking out nutrients from the food you eat; this means that even if you are eating the same healthy diet you thought you always were eating, you could easily be missing out just because your stomach has reduced its intake or lost its ability to intake nutrients.

How do you help resolve this problem?

There are basically two main methods – one is fasting (no food or water for longer periods of time). This allows your stomach enough rest, to renew itself. This is however not suitable for people with certain health conditions, and perhaps the elderly may not be able to do this for various reasons – if you can, this is the most powerful method for implement this.

The second most effective method is drinking bone soup. Bone soup is cooked for long periods of time and the nutrients are more or less ready to be absorbed, and have very little requirements for being digested (they aren’t very fussy on this) – this is why having bone soup regularly can greatly help renew your entire system in the guts – since the stomach does not need to work as much, it is allowed this free time, to renew itself, and re-build itself – some people go as far as drinking only bone soup for a few days – this is acceptable as far as your already in a relatively healthy state (consulted with your doctor).

3. Exercise

If you have enough nutrition coming in, and being absorbed, and you are doing your daily scalp massage for at least 20-30 minutes a day, and still facing hair falling, then you need to actually consider exercising or increasing exercising – as this means the nutrition is not being distributed properly, which is equal to having no nutrition in the first place!

To do this, go out for long walks, do squats, body weight exercises, swimming, cardio, weight training and even Yoga – do as much as you can fit in, and try to fit in more and more each time – a combination of these will surely push your body in many ways than one, allowing improved blood circulation, and in turn, renewed cells, and then finally, nutrients better working on each area of your body to overall help with your hair condition.

This may sound a little far fetched – but general health of your body is vital for non-vital processes like hair growth and skin growth. When the body is not healthy, it starts to focus on vital life processes, and ignores the other secondary processes like hair growth and skin renewal as well as even sight and hearing.

Our articles here are primarily based on the above 3 fundamentals to help you understand how hair loss and skin problems affect us in the first place – and then if you wish, you can purchase the Taoist Soap and accelerate your healing process and renewal process.


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