Using the Taoist Soap

Taoist soap

When using the Taoist Soap it is essential that you stay in tuned with your body to understand the changes that happen when you use a new skin product, or even supplement or a change of diet – most people are not aware and tuned into their bodies, and all it takes is constant effort to pay attention, and this is really the secret behind one’s health and beauty.

So, some people might need to use the soap 1 time a day with their daily shower, and some people might be fine with using it 2-3 times a week along with another shampoo which they feel fits their need better – this won’t counteract on your efforts for improving hair growth either – although we recommend to stay away from SLS based shampoos in general.

This is what you can do with the Taoist soap: 

– You can mix it with other shampoos, but not at the same time. Wash one off first, and then use the other if you wish. Ideally, you should use the taoist soap a couple of times a week, and its not really needed that you wash daily with it.

– You can use the soap less and more often when you feel you need to – but don’t go overboard by trying to use it more than twice a day; this may work for some people but for most people, one use a day is plenty, and you don’t even have to use that much.

– To use it, just rub the soap in your hands, and then massage into the scalp areas and allow to soak for only 2-3 seconds. This helps the soap start affecting your scalp, from detox to anti-inflammatory effects; it seems a short time, but this is the way the soap works – leaving for longer is counterproductive.

Remember to wash off properly under water and regular scalp massage will help push out toxins which also cause inflammation at a faster rate than not massaging daily.

Troubleshooting (Updated 8th June 2014)

Hair feeling dry from using the soap: This is normal and happens, but if you feel the soap is giving you too much of this, then often you have applied too much, for too long of a duration – if this does not resolve it, then apply the Immortal’s Oil on your scalp (a couple of drops) and rub for 15 minutes or so – this should resolve the problem.

Everyone’s body physiology is different, and this is why it is important to customize the soap use to fit your own needs to get the right results for yourself.



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