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 (Picture Above is the updated version of the Taoist soap – colour varies due to ingredients but does not affect quality of the soap)

The Taoist Soap is a 100% pure botanical edible soap. It is made from rare virgin earth which acts as a gentle (yet powerful) vacuum which not only detoxifies your skin, but also soothes any inflammation on the skin or scalp.

The Taoist soap is the only soap that does not strip your skin from its oils, but instead uses your own human oils to moisturize your skin. It is also the only soap that reaches all layers of the skin, removing cellular level build-up, resulting in the skin to become beautifully radiant.

Surprisingly, even high end soaps in the current market, actually damage your skin; stripping your skin of its natural oils, and closing pores (essential for skin breathing) – The Taoist soap not only gentle renews your skin, but also allows it to breath, required for effective cell renewal.

The Taoist handmade soap is the only soap known to man that is not either glycerin or oil/fat based (including Shea butter) – these fat based soaps only make your skin feel smooth directly after you wash. This is only because you have spread a thin layer of fat or glycerin on your skin – instead of improving your skin, it damages it further.

Even shampoos today do exactly that, which temporarily make your hair look shiny and clean – whilst damaging your hair follicles and pores causing more inflammation/hair thinning – the Taoist soap can actually replace your medicated shampoo and rejuvenate your scalp and in turn your hair.

It is understood that all soaps contain fat (yes, even those being sold as luxury organic soaps/shampoos) – the fat in soaps only clogs your pores and becomes rancid just as meat does at skin temperature. This is the cause of a lot of your skin issues in the first place. By leaving your skin completely clean, your cells replicate better, removing acne scars and skin marks, and leaving the skin looking radiant and youthful.

Here are a few of the areas the soap targets:

– Acne (as well as Acne scars) and Itchy Scalp

– Hair loss & Scalp Inflammation

– Increase Hair Growth Rate (also Thickening Hair growth)

– Rashes/Blemishes/Black Heads

– Skin Inflammation

– Natural everyday detox and skin cell renewal

Suggested Use: 3-4 times a week for mild to severe conditions – can be used daily. The Taoist Soap lasts a long time as a little amount goes a long way. Ideally you should apply only on the scalp or skin areas – first apply to hand, then rub on areas you want to apply, do not apply directly with the soap bar to avoid getting too much on in one go.

Soap Ingredients: Rare Virgin Earth, Blend of Daoist Herbs including Daoist Salt and Rhizoma Acori.

Contains no version of SLS Sulphates or any preservatives (natural or otherwise). Ideal for all skin types, including scalp inflammation.

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