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Taoist Handmade Soap Taoist Handmade Soap Organic Luxury Handmade soap - for Hair, Scalp, Skin and the Body. SKU UPC Model


Feb 22, 2013 by Katy Miller

i use the soap for my face and have a blackhead problem. I find that combining this and my mud mask from the dead sea, it gives me all i need for my face. excellent product and you can tell its made from earth, because of the yummy earthy smells.

inflammation no more

Feb 22, 2013 by Robby H

been using the taoist soap for a week now. the inflammation on my scalp has vanished! and not a hair falling out since the 4th day of use.

highly recommended to anyone with scalp problems. will report back few months later.

Love it!

Feb 22, 2013 by Jessica Rielly

I just got my soap a few minutes ago, and already tried it on my face, left it on for 2 minutes and feel great after washing.

Thank you for such a wonderful product and hope to order more soon.. altho i dont think I can finish this much soap that soon.

4.6 5.0 33 33 Good delivery and packaging. Decent soap, in fact the best I've tried. Seemed so normal at first, but after a week of using it once a day, my boyfriend was asking me why I look dif Taoist Handmade Soap
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