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Taoist Handmade Soap Taoist Handmade Soap Organic Luxury Handmade soap - for Hair, Scalp, Skin and the Body. SKU UPC Model

Taoist Soap

May 30, 2014 by Helen Keeling

Soap works great... and I love the brown and pinkness of the soap and when I apply it....i use it for scalp and face....Its a great piece of soap and would recommend it to anyone looking to buy something that actually works for inflammation.

Excellent Service and Brilliant Soap

May 11, 2014 by Graham J.T

Good helpful service if you email them and have any questions, the soap itself is amazing and works wonders on my hair. Since first use I already knew this was the soap for me and I ordered 2 more. Definitely worth the money invested, as this is something really does what its advertised as.

Best hair product ever used on my hair!

Apr 07, 2014 by James Miller

I have tried everything to stop my hair from falling further than it already is, and this soap has helped me at least stop it (i have been using it for 2 months now). I have seen some regrowth and thickening, but i want more, and was told to do scalp massage to accelerate it, but never have the time; i did notice when i do scalp massage right before using the soap, it helps a lot more.. makes sense anyway. thanks to handmadesoapuk to making such a product!

love this soap

Mar 10, 2014 by Tommy Beddington

I love the taoist soap that I have a drawer only for the taoist soap. I still can\'t believe that it works so well. Also helped me feel positive about myself and improve my self confidence. I would recommend this for anyone looking for hair growth or just stopping hair loss, as well as acne and having glowing skin.

Taoist Soap Rocks!

Feb 28, 2014 by Farah

i just placed another order of 10 soaps. my family cant get enough of it, we order as much as possible even tho the soap lasts a long time.

I use it for my hair once a week, and it has helped a lot even just using it once a week. I also massage my scalp everyday, and started exercising a lot.

I recommend this soap to only close friends, thats how much I love it. my brother and husband also use it.

Best product I have ever used for skin!

Nov 11, 2013 by Daniel Hartford

As one of the best products on skin i have ever used, as well as following the advice from handmade soap uk, they are simply one of a kind company; after all, who does organic, handmade and carefully designed ingredients, that you can actually see permanent results. I dont use my soap much, but its addictive to use. I have reduced to using it 3-4 times a week, and sometimes even less for my skin inflammation problems (I rather not mention the condition as my real name is on this).

Thank you guys for making my life easier and healthier!


Nov 05, 2013 by Jay H

This is the best soap I have ever used in my life! Highly reccomended. Scalp is free of inflammation, and my hair loss has stopped completely for now 3 months, and my hair already looks so much thicker than it did.

Was not taking any other supplements or anythin, so I know it was the soap that did it. Very good investment.

just lovely

Sep 07, 2013 by Laura M

One of the best soaps out there. I have been using the taoist soap for about 3 months and i simply cannot start my day without it.

It clears my skin and keeps me looking and feeling great. I didn't have much acne to start with, but now i actually have zero acne or any acne scars left on my face.

Great soap!

Aug 22, 2013 by Raymond Cliffton

This is THE soap to use for Hair, and skin. I have been using it for a month now, and am so happy that I found this website for the Taoist soap. I am happy to report that i do not have any inflammation on my scalp thanks to this soap. I only use it once a week and was told that for my condition, this should be enough, and it was!

looking younger!

Aug 15, 2013 by Henry

this is the best soap out there! I was complimented that I look younger, and was asked what I have been doing. I smiled to myself, feels great.

i only been using the soap a few times a week on face and scalp. its also making my hair feel and look great in terms of thickness.

4.6 5.0 33 33 Good delivery and packaging. Decent soap, in fact the best I've tried. Seemed so normal at first, but after a week of using it once a day, my boyfriend was asking me why I look dif Taoist Handmade Soap
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