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Taoist Handmade Soap Taoist Handmade Soap Organic Luxury Handmade soap - for Hair, Scalp, Skin and the Body. SKU UPC Model


Feb 13, 2015 by Anthony TS

I am blown away by how this stopped the inflammation on just the first use. My scalp already stopped hurting and feels soothing. Support also helped me realize how sugar is what inflammation feeds from, so I have changed my diet. Will be ordering more just so I have enough.

Thank you for everything guys! Finally a company that cares about the customer and don't leave you hanging after purchase. Recommend to anyone.

hair growth

Feb 02, 2015 by vanessa

using soap for 3 weeks and scalp looks clean and hair is looking thicker and stronger...even some baby new hair shooting ...amazed. this product is the best i have ever tried for my thinning hair . i suffer female pattern balding and had given up on attempts to regrow my hair ...but then i tried this..and it works!!


Dec 12, 2014 by Mary Jennings

just wanted to say thanks for shipping the order in time. I was worried I will miss the delivery and have to wait till i get back from abroad before i could start using it again. much obliged

Taoist dreams! Love it!

Nov 20, 2014 by Jack Thomas

Hey there guys i thought i would leave a review of this brilliant product which has not only saved my hair from further falling but also helped me get confident. i don't even care about looking in the mirror and adjusting hair anymore, i feel free and just able to socialize better with people. this is a multi dimensional product as it says it helps with hair, but it helped me stop feeling insecure about myself and that everyone goes through ups and downs in life, and i learnt to accept it and coexist with it. I have tried other shampoos and drugs like minoxidil and propecia which never worked on me after 1 year of use. so glad i have stopped those and feel great with a natural product like this. worth buying a few to prevent from selling out, i am surprised they don't sell them in boots.

Tip: don't use too much, a little goes a long way with this soap. and only need to apply on scalp, not the hair itself.

Just used taoist soap, AWESOME!

Nov 01, 2014 by Angela

Thank you for your service!
I have just received it this week and after my first use on my face, I can tell the difference already! My face feels so clean, and I think it got rid of some marks on my face! I am happy, very happy! I have used it on my hair and I think it grew a bit after first use! But I am not sure so I took a before photo and I will see the after results in a few weeks! 🙂
But something is different with my hair!
I will come back with another review in a few weeks where I can see the real difference!
Bought one for me and my friend, and I will review!
but thank you for your products and gift I have received, I will be definitely come back for more!
Highly recommended! great shipping!

my taoist soap review

Jul 11, 2014 by gary grant

just to say i never ever wright reviews for anything but this i have to say is the best hair product for hair regrowth i have tryed so many shampoos just useing this sopa after one week it stoped my hair falling out and now looks thicker and shiney and my skin is glowing worth every penny

Best shampoo for hair

Jun 27, 2014 by Eric Stanly

i use it regularly and it stopped my hair loss from getting worse. and now my hair looks thicker even the hair cutters i went to today told me what on earth i was doing, of course, i did not tell them lol

Taoist soap review

Jun 27, 2014 by Martha Henry

I used this soap for 3 days and its already stopped the inflammation. God knows what it could do after 3 months. Very promising and will update my review after a month or so.

good service and good product

Jun 07, 2014 by Mark Greaves

great after sales support if you get lost on how to use the taoist soap, but also great product which actually works. It took me longer to get results tho (2 months for making the hair falling stop fully), but I guess everyone is different and will get different results depending on their diet and lifestyles.

Thank you for the soap!

May 31, 2014 by Ron Stone

Got the soap a little late, but it was an international order, so it probably was held in customs for that time. I have been using the soap for 5-6 days now and can already feel the difference, my wife told me I look younger and she doesn't even know about the soap. So an added side effect!

4.6 5.0 33 33 Good delivery and packaging. Decent soap, in fact the best I've tried. Seemed so normal at first, but after a week of using it once a day, my boyfriend was asking me why I look dif Taoist Handmade Soap
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