The articles and posts below are designed to guide you to to the right direction on keeping the healthiest skin and hair all your life.

This is not some over-hyped dream that only some people have; have you never seen a 20 year old looking like a 50 year old? and have you never seen a 70 year old looking like a 30 year old? Ever wondered why that is?  (No, its not surgery!)

Aging is totally dependent on you; full stop.

Please read the articles below for more in-depth “how to” improve your skin and your scalp.

How to Improve Your Skin Complexion, the Taoist Way

Why you Should Not Block DHT for your Hair Problems

7 Ways to Stop Hair from Falling Out

Why Does your Hair Fall Out 

– Hair Thickening Methods (Natural)  

– Using the Taoist Soap (More Instructions) 

 – Prevent and Stop Allergies from Cosmetic Products

– The Golden Ratio of Health & Ultimate Beauty

– Taoist Soap – Not Getting Results you want? Read this

The above articles are designed to give you enough insight into further deeper knowledge of our bodies, and all that we ask is to intend to see the truth, rather than to take any one side of an argument.

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