The Taoist Soap was formed out of the need of a product that will actually satisfy requirements of a real organic, handmade soap that will not only be a powerful detox tool, but also allow and assist in healing hair follicles in the scalp and allow the body to regenerate. 


It is well documented about the human body’s ability to regenerate itself; whilst not commonly known in conventional medicine in the west – it is very commonly known among the top scientists in the world, such as the Harvard University Science team who research this phenomenon.

Since starting, we have started supplying to UK and US luxury hair salons, as well as individual Eastern and Western Medical doctors and their clinics, we have gradually expanded over the last 7 years (privately at first, and only recently online).

We started in 1997 where our products were mostly sold via doctors, and we never openly sold to the public; only recently a business decision was made to make available the Taoist soap, due to a lot of demand for the product.


 Office Address and Locations

taoist soap united kingdomUK Office: The Ebbisham Centre Derby Square, Epsom, KT19 8AG, England

Office Telephone: 020 8133 1151

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